On Meditation

This is why we practice meditation or more precisely zazen (sitting meditation in Zen tradition)

Meditation is the silence that becomes loud in a thunderous beat of our hearts which keeps us awake to the ordinary and the extraordinary of our existence. It is the invitation that comes from our own suffering, the waiting for our acceptance of an innately divine relationship with everything and everyone.

Meditation is not only to gain insight but also to bring a state of concentration and relaxation so that you are prepared to meet whatever comes up in life. So when we become calm in meditation that is not the ultimate destination. That is the beginning of preparing oneself to see oneself. It is not a technique but rather a path to see beyond the clutter of life.

One can say meditation prepares you to meet yourself, family, community and be open to a lineage of ancestors that have brought you to this life. That ancestor can be the earth, it can be a plant, it can be the source of light from which we all came from; it can be your bloodline, or deceased teachers of your spiritual path. Anything that has come before your own ideas and thoughts and strategies of life.

In other words, meditation can lead to a connection to life that is more than your one life. And this is the expansiveness sages of old experienced and transmitted to us.

(photo of Andrea Henderson by Vaschelle André)